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About Pancham Vaidic

Pancham Vaidic theatre group was started in 1983 by the leading actor-director Smt. SaoliMitra. The legendary couple of Indian theatre Late SombhuMitra and TriptiMitra were among the founder members of the Group.

The group’s first production was Nathabati-Anaathabat, a solo acting by SmtSaoliMitra. The production has received huge accolades whenever staged. This play was also performed in Hindi and has got similar accolades. Pancham Vaidic had set up a theatre institute, PanchamvedaCharyashram, a centre to impart training in all aspects of theatre in 1984. Students here learn the language of the body, attempt at experiments with voice and speech, and try to imbibe the idioms of theatre. There are classes on the origin and history of drama as well as elementary science also. This training is without any cost to the students. The workshops are lead by eminent personalities from theatre world, spearheaded by SmtSaoliMitra.

The group’s second production, Kathaa Amrita Saman, was produced in January 1990.
We have set up TriptiMitraSangrahasala, an archive in the memory of Late SmtTriptiMitra, doyen of Indian theatre, in 1993. The archive has a collection of her awards, costumes, personal belongings and furniture. Audio cassettes of her interviews, plays and recitations are played on request. Members of Pancham Vaidic are dedicated in maintaining this archive.

In 1994, we performed BitataBitangsha, followed by plays like Agnimantha, SujanBratirSimanta, AntargataAgun and audio plays like Hafiz MiyarNao.

Our current productions are


Achalayatan Achalayatan Achalayatanis built on a story of resistance to the naturalness of life. Mahapanchak’sAchalayatan

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Vitton Vitton “Vitton”  is adapted from the play “Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui”  by the

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