A brief detail of her works so far

Arpita Ghosh joined theatre at the end of 1998. She started working in a group named “Fourth Wall” for more than a year and acted in two major plays of the group. In January 2000 she joined PanchamVedCharyashram as a student of theatre. After completing the course of 1 year she started working with PanchamVaidic. In 2003, Arpita first directed a children’s play named ‘Ha Ja Ba Ra La’, based on a story by Sukumar Ray, dramatized by herself. In 2003 itself she also directed a small play named ‘AntargataAagun’ written by TirthankarChanda. Arpita translated of Sartre’s ‘Crime Passionnel’, which was directed by SaoliMitra, where she acted as the lead female character. In PanchamVaidic’s production ‘Chandaali’, a dramatized version of Chandaalika by Rabindranath Thakur, directed by SaoliMitra, she played the protagonist, Prakriti. Both the plays were staged in Bharat Rang Mahotsav.

Among other notable works for PanchamVaidicArpita directed and acted in plays like ‘Lankadahan Pala’, ‘Ghater Katha’, ‘Poshukhamar’, ‘Tokolosh’, ‘Narokiyo’, ‘A-parajita’, ‘Ghare-Baire’, ‘EbongDebjani’,

 ‘Achalayatan’ , ‘Duto Din’ and NaihatiSamay 1400’s production “KharirTir”.   Plays directed by Arpita includes ‘AstomitoMadhyanha’( translated by her from Artur Koestler’s novel “Darkness at Noon”),’Karubasana’ (based on late poet JibananandaDas’s novel) etc

Arpita did her first solo acting in PanchamVaidic’s production Tagores’ ‘StreerPotro’ dramatized and directed by Arpita herself. She also did her solo acting in in BratyaBasu’s lyrical drama “ApatotoEibhabeDujonerDakhaHoyeThake” directed by DebeshChattopadhyay.

PanchamVaidic’s latest production, “Machhi” is directed by her. The play has been translated by her from Jean Paul Sartre’s “The Flies”

Among many awards, she has received Satya BandyopadhyaySmritiPurashkar award of Best Actress for her work in “RajnaitikHatya?” in the year 2005, “Shyamal Sen SmritiPurashkar” as a Director and Actress in 2007 and SombhuMitraSamman in 2015. Recently she was conferred the  “Anya Theatre” award jointly with Sri DebeshChattopadhyayfor the latest production of PanchamVaidic,  “Machhi”, in 2017.