Tumi Thik, Jodi Bhabo, Tumi Thik

Tumi Thik, Jodi blab, Tumi Thik Tumi Thik, Jodi blab, Tumi Thik “Tumi Thik, Jodi bhabo tumi thik” is based on “Right You Are—If You Think You Are” a  play by Luigi Pirandello, produced in Italian in 1917 as Così è (se vi pare) and published the following year. This work, like almost all of Pirandello’s plays, contrasts […]

Ghare Baire (2022)

Ghare Baire (2022) Ghare Baire (2022) The play is based on Rabindranath Tagore’s acclaimed novel “Ghare Baire” which etches a tale of love, companionship, deceit and freedom against the backdrop of the Indian nationalist struggle and Lord Curzon’s partition of Bengal. The narrative revolves around the lives and relationships of its three protagonists – Nikhilesh, […]


Vitton Vitton “Vitton”  is adapted from the play “Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui”  by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht (1941). The play chronicles the rise of a fictional mobster, Vitton, and his achievement of ultimate power by mobilising politics, media and local business community and ruthlessly disposing the opposition. The play is believed to be […]

Amodito Roddur

Amodito Roddur Amodito Roddur We live in the time of facile relationships; where inner bonding is being substituted by outer spectacles. Permanence of partnership is being overtaken by skin deep achievements of ‘relationship goals’. From the rubble of modern day love, emerges “Amodito Roddur”. It is a two act play directed by Debesh Chattopadhyay. The […]


Maachi Maachi Maachi has been adapted from “The Flies” by Jean Paul Sartre. The play starts with Orestes’ quest to find his true self and ends on his existential decision of defiance and sacrifice. In a locale where plague reigns supreme, flies scourge guilt ridden humans, sordid imagery haunts the milieu, saviours need somewhere to belong to […]


Samadhan Samadhan The play Samadhan is Bengali translation of a world famous play “The Measures Taken” ,written by the twentieth century German Dramatist _ Bertolt Brecht. It was translated in Bengali by the eminent theatre personality Utpal Dutta. Four Agitators from Moscow return from a successful mission in China and are congratulated for their efforts […]


Karubasona Karubasona The play – Karu Basona is based on the novel written by Jibanananda Das in 1932. It is believed to be by and large an autobiographical novel of the poet that was published posthumously in 1986. The play is centred around a man whose love for art (Karu) takes his mind away from […]

Streer Patro

Streer Patro Streer Patro Written in an epistolary form, the story is about Mrinal who has written a  letter to her husband. She is writing a letter for the first time in their fifteen years of being married. Writing from Puri, she recalls her childhood and how she came into his family as the second […]

Duto Din

Duto Din Duto Din “Duto Din” is indeed the story of solitude of human. A lonely soul always seems to suffer from insecurity. His family, his lifestyle seems to be meaningless. Life to him, as such, becomes benumbed…suffocating. So he becomes restless for his desired salvation.In this play we face some jeopardized souls who is […]