Astomito Madhyanha

Astomito Madhyanha Astomito Madhyanha The play – The Play is based on the German Novel “Darkness At Noon” (German name : Sonnenfinsternis, meaning Solar Eclipse). The Bengali play-script has been adapted from the English version of the novel “Darkness at Noon” translated by Daphne Hardy.The original novelis by the Hungarian born British novelist Arthur Koestler, […]


Achalayatan Achalayatan Achalayatanis built on a story of resistance to the naturalness of life. Mahapanchak’sAchalayatan represents a quest of dry wisdom, that turns into a petrified land of illusion and immobility.In essence the play is a strong indictment of our ethic-religious and educational system drained of all meaning and rendered bloodless, dry and sterile through […]

Ebong Debjani

Ebong Debjani Ebong Debjani This play takes us back to Mahabharata and introduces us to Debjani, daughter of Sukracharya, he teacher of the Demons and depicts how her love life has always been based upon falsehood. Based on MahabharataDramatisation and Direction: ArpitaGhoshActing: Anirban Roy Choudhary, Arpita Ghosh, Anik Ghosh, Sibanjana Nandi, Sudip Sengupta and othersMusic: Tarit BhattacharyaFirst Show:


Aparajita Aparajita This is a drama of three short stories. Kalyani of “Aparichita”, Haimanti of “Haimanti” & Mrinalini of “Strir Patra”  -these three women of middle class Bengali family struggle to discover one’s true identity and fight for their self dignity. Based on three stories Apirichita,Haimanti&Strir Patra of Rabindranath TagoreDramatisation and direction: Arpita GhoshActing: Arpita Ghosh, Debkamal Mondal, Swapan […]

Ghare Baire 2010

Ghare Baire 2010 Ghare Baire 2010 The most important theme in the Ghare Baire involves the Swadeshi movements and love.The three main characters Nikhilesh, Bimala & Sandip have never been confined to their interpersonal relationship. Bimala, as a symbol of ordinary people like us, is caught between two contradictory ideologies: that of austere,and unchanging path […]


Narokio Narokio Four damned souls,Samrat Sarkar,Bonny,Dilip Vaswani&MadanRaju are brought to the same room in hell by a mysterious valet..All four characters have died and arecondemned to the unmalleable truth of their past action.As we go through the playwe see the Godhrariots,Bhopal Gas Tragedy as the sub-plot of the play. Based On Jean Paul Satre’s“No Exit”Adaptation, Direction: Arpita GhoshActing: Debkamal Mondal, Pallab […]


Tokolosh Tokolosh This play tells us about racism .It is based on a great fables where Tokolosh is an imaginary symbol of hope for the Black oppressed people, which motivates the struggleof the racial discrimination against all oppressions of the whites, the so called Superiors. At last the struggle of Blacks lead to nonviolence movement […]


Poshukhamar Poshukhamar Poshukhamar is based on the allegorical novel by George Orwell .It is about a group of animals who rebel against the humans who run the farm.They live on and run it themselves with hopes of being equal,free & happy. In the end, however the new rule becomes a cruel tyranny of its own […]

Lanka Dahan Pala

Lanka Dahan Pala Lanka Dahan Pala It is another production by the Children wing of PanchamVaidic. It is based on the Ramayana.How Hanuman visited Lanka to meet with Sita and how he escaped by setting the city on fire. This popular tale is  presented before the audiencewith a musical flavour . Play : Lila MajumderDirection : Arpita GhoshSupervision: Saoli MitraActing: Arjama, Sibanjana, Tiya, […]


Chandali Chandali Chandali tells the story of Prakriti, a tribal girl, enamoured of Ananda, a handsome Buddhist monk, forcing her mother to use her magic spells to draw the man to her. Guilt drives the mother to her death. Ananda leaves Prakriti, who left  alone, asks herself : What is there at the end of  our journey? Based […]