Ha Ja Ba Ra La

Ha Ja Ba Ra La Ha Ja Ba Ra La HA JA BA RA LA is created by Sukumar Roy. He is recognised as one of the best writer of nonsense verse. It is a fantasy with all ‘impossibles’. It reveals fine criticism too about the society we live in with hilarious but sharp comments. […]

Rajnaitik Hatya?

Rajnaitik Hatya? Rajnaitik Hatya? The play is both a political tale of power struggle between corrupt parties and the dramatisation of Sartre’s philosophical beliefs This play has been set in the historical scenario of the 1940s.In this play Sartre raised many questions about the right path for socialist politics, human relations and political means. Original […]

Putul Khela

Putul Khela Putul Khela Putul Khela is not merely about women’s liberation and gender politics. It explores the significance of man-women relationship and goes back to the very roots of society. These relationships have many layers. They involve the most subtle games. A Doll’s House begins to disintegrate right before our eyes.We find that even in […]

Sujan Brotir Simanta

Sujan Brotir Simanta Sujan Brotir Simanta It is an anti war play against the shadow of Kargil War. SujanBroti is the representative of the very common people who want to live peaceful normal lives.But unfortunately Sujan belongs to a society full of ‘corruptions’ and ‘dishonesty’.The struggle begins there. All those normal human reactions of a sensitive person is […]


Agnimantha Agnimantha The play ‘Agnimantha’ tells the story of a family against the socio and political incidents of the 20th century.It tries to search for a balance that could give our society a bit of stability.It tells the story of those who crave for a better world,who believe in words like ‘honesty,’morality’. Play: Supriti MukhopadhyayDirection: […]

Bitata Bitangsha

Bitata Bitangsha Bitata Bitangsha This play deals with the environmental as well as social pollution.All the events take place in the present a difficult time witnessing the decay of the rural culture in the whirlwind of urbanisation. This is our time when social and environmental pollution threatens us.A time when we are witness to unthinking […]

Kathaa Amritasamaan

Kathaa Amritasamaan Kathaa Amritasamaan The Play : ‘…Kathaa Amritasamaan’ is a play based on the Mahabharata. It speaks of the moral values, of the right & wrong, of the horrors of war and its aftermath that were not only true for the characters of the epic but are true for us as well – the […]


Raja Raja Tagore’s “Raja”tell us that each one of us has to journey through an incomprehensible darkness which permeates the petty logic of our everyday routine. We are conscious of the presence of this darkness but try to push it back all the time. And that makes us fragmented.This play portrays the pilgrimage of Sudarshana […]


Dasachakra Dasachakra Dasachakra is the Bengali adaption of the play ” An Enemy Of The People” by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Dr.Purnendu Guha is the central character here who fights against the corruption of the society.but he is left alone in this fight as all the evil forces of power stands against him. Original play: An Enemy Of […]

Naathavati Anaathavat

Naathavati Anaathavat Naathavati Anaathavat Naathavati Anaathavat revolves around to Draupadi of the Mahabharata. Though she had five husbands there was none to protect her. She was a king’s daughter but was humiliated in the court of another king,Dhritarashtra.She was a queen herself but had to play maid to another queen.It was this tragic irony that […]