The play – Karu Basona is based on the novel written by Jibanananda Das in 1932. It is believed to be by and large an autobiographical novel of the poet that was published posthumously in 1986.

The play is centred around a man whose love for art (Karu) takes his mind away from this material world. He has a family, but his love for art makes him careless and lost in that world. His wife complaints.His daughter suffers. His parents wants him to grow in life, become rich enough to make the family happy. But he, being a part of the world of Passion for Art (KaruBasona), is not bothered about the materialistic desire. He loves to spend time in nature. He loves to watch the ripples in the water when a stone is thrown. He loves to see the gentle breeze on the paddy fields and loves to listen to song of the nature. His creative mind meanders in the field of performing arts where he adores great performers and dreams to be in their world of magnificent performances, not bothering about the fact that he is ignorant about his family, his wife, his daughter or his parent’s material requirement. When his wealthy uncle comes as a guest to stay in their house, his parents try to serve him beyond their capacity only with an expectation that his influence will get their son well placed in life. However this man, when asked to talk about his career, he fails to do that and discusses artistic world with the uncle, who takes advantage of the situation and instead of helping him, exploits the family. This further ruins the family life even economically but the man hardly is moved by such failures. His love for art continues and his desire of creativity grows to an extent that one day, being in his own world, he dies in a road accident and leaves the material world in search of a world where he finds his true passion where family, money or influential rich relative hardly matters. Karubasona is almost like an autobiography of the poet which depicts the failure of a family person in search of true love for Art, which never got satisfied in this material world.

Based on JibananandaDas ‘s novel Karubasona

Dramatised & Directed by Arpita Ghosh

Scenography: DebeshChattopadhyay

Music – IndradipDasgupta

Actors in lead role – Neel Mukherjee, Anirban Bhattacharya, BabuDutta Roy, Abhijit  Mishra and others. Also Shri Joy Goswami in a special role.

First  Show : 22nd August 2015, Academy of Fine Arts