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History of Pancham Vaidic

Pancham Vaidic theatre group was started in 1983 by the leading actor-director Smt. SaoliMitra. The legendary couple of Indian theatre Late SombhuMitra and TriptiMitra were among the founder members of the Group.The group’s first production was Nathabati-Anaathabat, a solo acting by SmtSaoliMitra. The production has received huge accolades whenever staged. This play was also performed in write an essay for me write my essay fast Hindi and has got similar accolades. Pancham Vaidic had set up a theatre institute, PanchamvedaCharyashram, a centre to impart training in all aspects of theatre in 1984. Students here learn the language of the body, attempt at experiments with voice and speech, and try to imbibe the idioms of theatre. There are classes on the origin and history of drama as well as elementary science also. This training is without any cost to the students. The workshops are lea READ MORE...

latest productions


Amodito Roddur

Play: Nirmal Verma & Debesh Chattopadhay

Direction & Scenography: DebeshChattopadhay

Acting: AnkitaMajhi and ArpitaGhosh

Music: SreyanChattopadhay

First Show: 7th April 2018, Academy of Fine Arts



Play: ‘The Flies’ written by Jean Paul Sartre.
Adapted, translated, scripted and Directed by Arpita Ghosh
Scenography: DebeshChattopadhay
Acting: ShyamalChakraborty, ShyamasishPahari, TamaliChakraborty, GambhiraBhattyacharya, MonalisaChatterjee, DebkamalMondalAnirban Roy Choudhary and others
Music: Shreyan Chattopadhay
First Show: 20th May 2017, Minerva Theatre



Based on JibananandaDas ‘s novel KarubasonaDramatised & Directed by Arpita Ghosh
Scenography: DebeshChattopadhyay
Music – IndradipDasgupta
Actors in lead role – Neel Mukherjee, Anirban Bhattacharya, BabuDutta Roy, Abhijit  Mishra and others. Also Shri Joy Goswami in a special role.
First  Show : 22nd August 2015, Academy of Fine Arts

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Brief details of director / mentor

Saoli Mitra
Saoli Mitra, only child of the doyen of Indian theatre Sri Sombhu Mitra&Srimati Tripti Mitra was born in Kolkata in the late 40s. She did her post graduation in theatre from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata and continued her research on theatre and contemporary art. Among her research , notable work include “Barnattok Natyadhara” & “Rabindra Sanglaper bachik abhinayer swarup” ( the voval acting on Tegore’s dialogues)Saoli started acting at a very tender age of 5 and ½ years. As a child artist she acted as basher in TulshiLahiri’sChheraTnar & AmalinTagore’s Daakghar, both were Bohurupi production. In Bohurupi she also acted in playes like Kimbadanti, BadalSirkar’sPaglaGhora.Tagore’s Raja, translation of Ionnesco’sGandar, Tagore’s GhareBaire. She acted in “Galileo r Jibon” (on life of Galileo), produced by Calcutta Repertory, Directed by Mr. Fritz Read More ...
Arpita Ghosh
 A brief detail of her works so farArpita Ghosh joined theatre at the end of 1998. She started working in a group named “Fourth Wall” for more than a year and acted in two major plays of the group. In January 2000 she joined PanchamVedCharyashram as a student of theatre. After completing the course of 1 year she started working with PanchamVaidic. In 2003, Arpita first directed a children’s play named ‘Ha Ja Ba Ra La’, based on a story by Sukumar Ray, dramatized by herself. In 2003 itself she also directed a small play named ‘AntargataAagun’ written by TirthankarChanda. Arpita translated of Sartre’s ‘Crime Passionnel’, which was directed by SaoliMitra, where she acted as the lead female character. In PanchamVaidic’s production ‘Chandaali’, a dramatized version of Chandaalika by Rabindranath Thakur, directed by SaoliMitra, she played the protagonist, Prakriti. B Read More ...

Our Founders

Sambhu Mitra
Sombhu Mitra (22 August 1915 – 19 May 1997) was an Indian film and stage actor, director, playwright, reciter and an Indian theatre personality, known especially for his involvement in Bengali theat Read More ...
Tripti Mitra
Tripti Mitra (née Tripti Bhaduri; 25 October 1925 – 24 May 1989) was a popular Indian actress of Bengali theatre and films, and wife of Sombhu Mitra, noted theatre director, with whom she co-founde Read More ...

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