Naathavati Anaathavat

Naathavati Anaathavat revolves around to Draupadi of the Mahabharata. Though she had five husbands there was none to protect her. She was a king’s daughter but was humiliated in the court of another king,Dhritarashtra.She was a queen herself but had to play maid to another queen.It was this tragic irony that stimulated Saoli Mitra to look at the epic afresh from Draupadi’s perspective. Saoli Mitra’s strategy of recounting the story as a “Kathakaar”  allows her to slip in and out of numerous roles,evoking a spectrum of emotions and events.

Produced by : Sombhu Mitra

Play&Direction : Saoli Mitra

Solo acting : Saoli Mitra

First  Show : August, 1983, Sisir Mancha, Kolkata