Kathaa Amritasamaan

The Play : ‘…Kathaa Amritasamaan’  is a play based on the Mahabharata. It speaks of the moral values, of the right & wrong, of the horrors of war and its aftermath that were not only true for the characters of the epic but are true for us as well – the present day man and his society. Complex, multilevel & multidimensional causes compel one to express oneself. The events arouse a thousand questions in her, so she poses questions and puts her own comments while narrating the events. And thus she delves deep into the world of Mahabharata. Looking back from Draupadi, she explores Kunti, Gandhari, Ambika, Satyabati. Wisdom of Bhisma amazes her. She is intrigued by the character of Krishna, his playful childhood, his endeavour to build an empire on the basis of justice or to improve the lot of his clan ending in nothing.

Produced by : Sombhu Mitra

Play & Direction : Saoli Mitra

Solo acting : Saoli Mitra

Music: Tarit Bhattacharya

First  Show : 1990, Kolkata