Amodito Roddur

We live in the time of facile relationships; where inner bonding is being substituted by outer spectacles. Permanence of partnership is being overtaken by skin deep achievements of ‘relationship goals’. From the rubble of modern day love, emerges “Amodito Roddur”. It is a two act play directed by Debesh Chattopadhyay. The first act has been penned by Chattopadhyay himself; while Nirmal Verma lends literacy magic for the second act. It is neither a retelling of contemporary love nor an inquisition against its failure. “Amodito Roddur” is a fleeting glance at the very essence of love. Ankita Majhi’s glance in the first act is as furtive as two souls falling in love at first sight; while Arpita Ghosh’s glance in the second act is drenched in melancholy of a long lost past. They are searching for the love they once had. With nostalgia as our vessel, we journey with these two women to find our own glance.

Play: Nirmal Verma & Debesh Chattopadhay

Direction &Scenography: DebeshChattopadhay

Acting: AnkitaMajhi and ArpitaGhosh

Music: SreyanChattopadhay

First Show: 7th April 2018, Academy of Fine Arts