Astomito Madhyanha

The play –  The Play is based on the German Novel “Darkness At Noon” (German name : Sonnenfinsternis, meaning Solar Eclipse). The Bengali play-script has been adapted from the English version of the novel “Darkness at Noon” translated by Daphne Hardy.

The original novelis by the Hungarian born British novelist Arthur Koestler, first published in 1940. This is his best-known work and tells the tale of Rubashov,  an old Bolshevik and October Revolutionary, who is cast out, imprisoned, and tried for treason against the very Soviet Union he once helped to create.

Based On Arthur Koestler‘s Darkness At Noon

Translated, dramatised & Directed by ArpitaGhosh

Acting: Krishna Kisor Mukherjee, BabuDutta Roy, Sudip Mukherjee, Debkamal Mondal and others

Music: Tarit Bhattacharya

First  Show : 22nd August 2013, Academy of Fine Arts