Duto Din

“Duto Din” is indeed the story of solitude of human. A lonely soul always seems to suffer from insecurity. His family, his lifestyle seems to be meaningless. Life to him, as such, becomes benumbed…suffocating. So he becomes restless for his desired salvation.In this play we face some jeopardized souls who is desperate for this salvation…. Atul…an old man…who finds solace in cherishing the memory of his departed wife…seeks salvation in this reminiscence… Lalita….lives in a  world of unknown anxiety. An imaginary fright disturbs her life…and she continues to live in this fright. Younger sister…Ronita and her corporate executive husband, Ujjwal…are as if residents of isolated islands. Their opulent lifestyle lacks the basic precondition of married life, which is trust. Among them suddenly we see two people, the maid Kalpana& her child Ribhu – who belong to a different world altogether. Their life is like a free flowing river. Young Ribhu’s simplicity and candid conversations brings a gust of fresh air in the suffocated lifestyle of thesepeople.On one hand the complicacy of life, and on the other hand the desire for salvation – is what this play lead us to. But is this exigency of human existence is just an affair of two days? …or is it the crisis of the endangered human lifestyle which engulfs human feelings into deep solitude? In this dazzling world don’t we find a Lalita, Ronita, Ujjal…or more importantly an Atul in our daily routine of life? Can we say with conviction that none of us are not as selfish……or as jeopardized… as they are?

Play: BratyaBasu
Directed by ArpitaGhosh

Acting: Debshankar Halder, Arpita Ghosh, Poulami Basu, Sohon Bandopadhya and others

First Show : 11th November 2014