The play Samadhan is Bengali translation of a world famous play “The Measures Taken” ,written by the twentieth century German Dramatist _ Bertolt Brecht. It was translated in Bengali by the eminent theatre personality Utpal Dutta.

Four Agitators from Moscow return from a successful mission in China and are congratulated for their efforts by a central committee (called The Control Chorus). The four agitators, however, inform the committee that during their mission they were forced to kill a young comrade for their mission to succeed. They ask for judgment from the committee on their actions. The committee holds their verdict until after the four agitators re-enact the evens that lead to the young comrade’s death.

The four agitators tell of how they were sent on a mission to educate and help organize the workers in China. At a party house(the last before they reach the frontiers of China) they meet an enthusiastic young comrade, who offers to join them as their guide. The agitators must hide their identities because educating and organizing the workers in China is illegal. The director of the party house (the last before the frontier) helps the four agitators and young comrade in the obliteration of their true identities. They all put on masks in order to appear as Chinese. They are told to keep concealed that they are

communist. Their mission must remain a secret. Should they be discovered, the authorities will attack the organization and the entire movement; not merely the lives of the four agitators and the young comrade will be put in danger. The agitators and the young comrade all agree to these conditions.

As a result, he eventually exposes himself and the four agitators by ripping off his mask and proclaiming the teaching of the party. When he does this, he puts the entire mission and movement in danger. He is identified, unmasked, just as riots break out and a revolutionary uprising among the worker is beginning. The authorities are now in pursuit of the young comrade and his friends. Still shouting out against the party, the young comrade is struck in the head by one of the agitators and they carry him as far away as they could, to the nearly lime pits. There, the agitators debate on what to do with him.

To save the movement, they conclude that their only solution is for the young comrade to die and be thrown in the lime pits where he will be burned and become unrecognizable. They ask him for his consent to this. The young comrade agrees to his fate in the interest of revolutionizing the world and in the interest of communism. He asks the four agitators to help him with his death. They shoot him and throw his body into the lime pit.

Based on play written by Bertolt Brecht
Translated by Utpal Dutta
Directed by Arpita Ghosh
Assistant Director – Suddhyan Chattopadhyay.
First Show : 12th September 2016, EZCC
Inaugural show in Kolkata Theatre Festival organized by Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre